What if my key does not work?

  • Make sure that you’re redeeming the key on a correct platform - checking the name of the product you’ve purchased will help to determine which one is it. Make sure that no product restrictions affect the activation - regional restrictions. If the key’s still not working, please contact our support mail 

  • You can return unused keys, please checkout our refund policy.

  • If your key has been revoked by the developer of the game, please contact our support mail.

  • If your key has already been used, log out of your account and log back in, then check your library again. If you tried to enter your key multiple times, you might have activated it already but didn’t see the game in your library yet.

  • If your account has been banned at the place platform, where you are trying to activate the game, please contact our support mail.

  • Support email: support@junokeys.com



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